Some websites like to think they're smarter than you and will try to redirect you to a version of their web site that is in a different country than you.  Because spotflux protects your privacy these sites are confused about your true location and you must manually tell them which version of the site you would like to experience. 

To fix Google Redirects:

In your web browser append "/ncr" to the country equivalent google site ( if you are in the UK or if you are in the US)

To fix Yahoo Redirects:

If you’d prefer to visit (US) instead, click on the link located directly below the Yahoo! logo. If you have cookies enabled on your browser, it browser will navigate directly to on all subsequent visits. If cookies are disabled, you’ll continue to be redirected each time you visit Yahoo! So you can prevent this either by enabling cookies or directly typing into your browser. Visitors to will be shown the same site as

If you still feel that Yahoo is redirecting you incorrectly, you can report it to them at: