How do I pair my Mac client to my account? | Spotflux Knowledgebase

How do I pair my Mac client to my account?

If you've purchased premium but your Spotflux mac client still shows that you have a trial subscription this is most likely because you've not paired your Spotflux client to your account. To do so please follow these simple steps:


1) In the bottom section of the Spotflux main windows click on "Click to Upgrade"


2) A browser window will pop open. You may now need to log in with the account you used to purchase your premium subscription. 

3) Once logged in you should see a message stating that you've successfuly paired:

4) Your Spotflux client should now say "Premium Membership Activated":

5) If you do not see the message "Premium Membership Activated" as seen above, keep your browser window open, restart Spotflux, and click on "Click to Upgrade" again. If after the second time you still have trouble please submit a support ticket.